Common keyboard shortcuts

Whether you’re a complete computer novice or simply want to boost your speed and productivity, these common keyboard shortcuts should come in handy...

Ctrl+C / Ctrl+X = COPY / CUT

Ctrl+C copies highlighted text or selected items, while Ctrl+X removes the original and stores it in the clipboard, rather than just copying it.

Ctrl+V = PASTE

Use Ctrl+V to paste the text or item that’s stored in the clipboard.

Ctrl+Z / Ctrl+Y = UNDO / REDO

Ctrl+Z comes in very useful when you press something by mistake as it will undo any change you have made. You can use it multiple times to undo or redo multiple changes. Pressing Ctrl+Y will redo the undo.

Ctrl+N = NEW

Pressing Ctrl+N will create a new window or document. 

Ctrl+S = SAVE

To quickly save a document or file, press Ctrl+S. It’s a good idea to do this frequently to avoid losing your work if an error happens or you lose power unexpectedly.

Ctrl+P = PRINT

Ctrl+P can be used to quickly print or open a print preview of a document or page.

Ctrl+F = FIND

Pressing Ctrl+F opens the Find field, which enables you to search passages of text for particular words or phrases.  

TIP: If you’re using a Mac, in most cases the command key has the same function as the control key on a PC.