GYone welcomes joint managing directors of Resolution IT STEVE BREHAUT and OLLY DUQUEMIN to kick off our Focus On series

Who is Resolution IT?

We’re an IT managed services provider (MSP) who celebrated 10 years in business last year. 

As an MSP, we look after many Guernsey businesses’ IT requirements using a trusted, proactive, secure and fixed fee model. We also offer various consultancy services to businesses with in-house IT staff for specialist projects, cyber security, along with print solutions. 

We’re a friendly group of over 20 Guernsey-based professionals and are continuing to expand and innovate, including opening up offices in Dubai. 

What made you want to start an IT company?

We saw a gap in the market for doing things differently and wanted to change IT support, offering a proactive service so businesses pay us to keep things running. 

What are the advantages of outsourcing to a managed services provider like yourselves?

It’s not only a cost-effective decision but it allows staff to concentrate on their business and let us worry about the IT.  Companies tap into a pool of highly-skilled, professionally-trained experts whose involvement with other organisations gives them access to wider experience and deeper knowledge whilst acting as their internal IT department.

We can also take the day-to-day pressure off in-house IT departments and work with them to help achieve their goals. We can come in and work on specific projects for them or help with the day to day so they can concentrate on the projects. 

You mention print services. What is that?

Well increasingly, our clients were telling us they wanted to work with just one partner for their IT and print requirements so we launched managed print services. Purchasing or hiring a printer with a managed print services contract is more cost effective as you pay for what you use on a cost per print model and we proactively monitor the device along with all consumable and part replenishments.

What are the hot topics in IT at the moment?

Definitely cyber security. If you’re not familiar with ransomware, phishing, whaling, Trojan Horse, to name but a few, you really should be. 

We offer a number of certifications, starting with Cyber Essentials, which will allow businesses to prove they have taken reasonable steps against possible data breaches. 

This is particularly important given the arrival of GDPR in May, another area we offer help and training in. And increasingly, we’re seeing many businesses only willing to work with other businesses who have a recognised cyber security certification in place.

We think people are really waking up to the knowledge that the right IT company can help a business increase efficiencies by utilising the latest technologies and do much more than just the day to day support.

Is Resolution IT all about work?

Absolutely not. We’re very active in the local community, keen to support where we can. 

We were the main sponsor of Guernsey’s inaugural car rally last month, which attracted many off-island competitors – 

Olly was a navigator in one of the cars. 

We sponsor the highly successful Resolution IT ladies’ netball team, who look like they could be on the verge of lifting the Guernsey Division One title again. 

And to celebrate our 10th anniversary last year we completed 10 challenges, which raised more than £13,000 for 15 local good causes.