Raiders of the Lost Cup

By Mike Marshall, Rugby correspondent

It is often said that there are moments in a game that can define a team’s outcome for the rest of the season.

An away win at Barnes before Christmas proved to be that pivotal game for the Raiders. With the match edging past the critical 80 minute mark, and the final whistle looming, any mistake made by the Raiders would have cost them the game - but they produced an awesome display of ball control with 51 plus phases of play to score the try of the season.

The picture of Leyton Batiste celebrating his try has now become just one of many photographic treasures gathered over the last few weeks as the Raiders continued to plunder their opponents.

Barnes fought back to win the top spot by a single welldrilled Bournemouth side. With the ruby red shirts of visitors swarming all over the home side, whose season looked as if it was about to be scuppered, their coach Jordie, by all accounts, threatened to keel haul the Raiders players at half time. Changing tack they produced one hell of a finale and promotion to National Division 2.

Foote’s Lane was awash with supporters the following week as Jersey Rugby Club arrived on these shores, only to end up walking the plank in all departments. Vets, 2nds Ladies and the Raiders all triumphed with a green wash and the Siam Cup added to the ever increasing treasure trove, ‘A Perfect Storm’.

To single out anyone after such a squad performance would be harsh but the treasure chest did throw out Player of the Season and Ned Brown, who has now moved to London, who collected Siam Cup Man of the Match.