Natural Beauty in Jersey

The Great Outdoors

Leave the hustle and bustle and escape into the wild. Breathe deep and drink in the scenery - you may even spot some of Jersey’s most stunning animal residents.

Into the Woods…

With stepping stones, ropes swings and colour-changing leaves, the wooded valleys of St Catherine’s Wood are really the stuff of storybooks. It is also home to a colony of the beautiful and ever-elusive red squirrels. Once upon a time, it was usual to catch the striking creatures scurrying around your garden, but they have since reached near mythical status in the UK having been driven out by the more aggressive American variety, the grey squirrel. As the grey squirrel was never introduced to the island, the red squirrel population has been thriving since 1885.

Away at Sea…

There’s nothing like sea air for blowing away the cobwebs but being down by the sea is also packed full of other mental and physical health benefits. It’s certainly popular with bottle-nosed islanders and Jersey has the largest resident population of dolphins in the Channel Islands area. Locals across both bailiwicks are extremely lucky to have such a flourishing community of these shimmering aquatic mammals on our doorstep but they seem to have taken a particular liking to the larger of the islands. 

Out on the Cliffs…

Check out the cliffs and coastal heathlands and you’ll be greeted by stunning sea views and the sweet perfume of wildflowers and gorse bushes. You just might find the bright green, black-spotted, blue-throated lizard as well. You certainly won’t find native ones anywhere else in Britain as they are rather picky critters, native exclusively to Jersey. They are one of the largest species of lizards found in Europe growing as long as 40cm.

The Great Indoors

Head for an indulgent spa treatment for some natural beauty of your own.